Workout 16/05/2016

Arm day! Feeling quite strong with my arm work recently – It’s really encouraging. Feeling positive.

4 sets:

  • 10 x bent over barbell rows (25 kg, 35 kg x 3)
  • 10 x dumbbell bench press (10 kg each hand x 3, 12 kg each hand x 1)

4 sets:

  • 10 x TRX angled rows/pull-ups

Workout 06/04/2016

Back in the gym after a week and a half off. My trainer was on holidays, and I said I didn’t need a replacement trainer while he was gone because I could look after myself for a single week. Turns out I was wrong. Anyway, back on the horse now for an arm day!

3 sets:

  • 10 x wide grip lat pull-downs (25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg)
  • 10, 10, 8 x single arm barbell snatches each arm (12 kg, 14 kg x 2)
  • 10 x raised push-ups (on bottom rung of pull-up machine)

2 sets:

  • 10 x bench press (20 kg, 25 kg)
  • 10 x single arm bent over rows each arm (12 kg, 14 kg)

Workout 11/02/2016

Arm/back/shoulder day today. I forgot to take note of weights, so most of these are estimates, but that’s ok.

3 sets:

  • 10 x overhead barbell presses (20 kg)
  • 10 x angled full-motion (chest to bar) push ups
  • 20 x single-armed snatches (10 kg, 10 x each arm)

3 sets:

  • 20 x free-weights machine rows (10 x two different types of grips)

Workout 2/02/2016

Arm/back/shoulder day with my PT. This workout made me cry… in the first 20 seconds. I don’t know if it was because I’d got up at 5 am (at least 2 hours earlier than my body would prefer), or because I’d had no coffee, or because I’d had a huge day the day before, or because there was some high emotion stuff going on, or because of hormones, but either way this workout got to me. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, besides higher-than-usual reps, but it got to me. My PT kept telling me that I was having a ‘strong day’, doing reps at high weight at a good pace, but it was frustrating to know that if my head had been in a better place I could have done even better.

2 sets:

  • 20 x barbell cleans (25 or 30 kg – unsure)
  • 20 x angled ring rows
  • 20 x pushups
  • 20 x bent over rows (same barbell and weight as the cleans)

1 set:

  • 10 x angled bench press on smith machine (10 kg + smith machine weight)
  • 10 x seated vertical lat pulls (unsure of weight)