LnE week 7 update

Oops. So I forgot to update here at the end of weeks 5 and 6… but I suspect no one is reading anyway, so what does it matter!!

At the end of week 7, I’m down 6.5 kg. Which is awesome. Loss has definitely slowed down a bit though, with only 200g dropping in the last 7 days, but it’s still in the right direction.

Because of my lifestyle I was finding that I was ending the week with a few dinners left, and also it was starting to get pretty pricey to do the full 7 days of all three meals, so I decided to shift to buying breakfasts and lunches only (7 days worth). With that shift, I still wanted to keep up the two days of 16:8 fasting because I think that they’re one of the major factors contributing to my success. So from last week, I shifted to eating the supplied LnE breakfasts and lunches five days a week and eating sensible dinners on those nights, and on the other two days I fast until lunchtime then eat the supplied breakfast for lunch, and the lunch for dinner. I find it actually works really well, and I’m realising (because the lunch portions are smaller than the dinners) that actually that portion size is fine for me, and I don’t necessarily need the bigger dinners.

It’s such a shift for me, to be eating mindfully and only eating the portions I need and my body wants, as opposed to the portions my brain wants.

I’m hopeful I can keep it up.

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