LnE week 3 results

So, week 3 is done and dusted, and I lost 1.3 kg – which brings my total weight loss to 4.2 kg in three weeks. Which I’m pretty stoked about, frankly.

For this coming week (which started yesterday) I decided to try the 1200 calorie plan, given that I’ve had food leftover pretty much every day on the 1500. From looking at the lists of food it seemed like they provide one less afternoon tea snack, but since receiving the order I’ve realised that the portion size of breakfast is reduced too, and all of the snacks are now fruit, pretty much. No more nuts, baked goods, dried biscuits, dried fruit etc.

I’m on my second day of 1200 calories and while there is enough food for me, it’s only just. And frankly I’d prefer a little bit more wriggle room in my day, having an extra snack for when I want/need it. Also, fruit for snacks all the time might be healthy, but it’s also a little bit boring.

So there it is – three weeks in, 4.2 kg down, and going really well. I’m not craving foods, I’m not missing out, I’m not starving myself, I’m not stressing about how to cook foods that work for me and my family in three different ways. I’m just eating, and losing weight.

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