Week 1 results

Week 1 on Lite n Easy is done, and I’m now on day two of week two. Yesterday morning I stepped on the scales to measure my progress, and I’m pleased to report that there is some.

One week of Lite n Easy 1500 calorie meal plan, with two days of 16:8 fasting (roughly 1000 calories on those days), and I’m down by 1.5 kg.

1.5 kg is great – but I’m always skeptical about weight loss like this at the start. Was I particularly heavy on the day I started because I was bloated? Is this an anomaly, a blip? Will it stick? All these answers will be revealed by the time the end of Week 2 roles around I guess.

This week has had a couple of nights with dinners with other people, where I definitely didn’t eat in line with what I would have consumed if I’d eaten the LnE meal. Last night with my family was one of those (plus a cupcake from a friend, inhaled in the car). Tonight I’m out for dinner with a friend, so I’ll endeavour to make the right choices – no alcohol, and a smaller portioned meal. Not restricting what I’m eating, just how much of it I eat. Maybe an entree, or something with a lot of salad.

Tomorrow I’ll do my first of two 16:8 days for the week – starting eating at lunch time, and skipping breakfast and lunch. Looking at my diary for the week ahead I’m not sure when I’ll do my second day of that – on Sunday, when I would ideally do day 2, I’m donating blood in the morning, which definitely requires eating food. Monday is my daughter’s birthday party, so also not an ideal day to do it. Actually, maybe it’s the perfect day to do it?! I do know I’ll end up eating food that isn’t “from the box”, but once again I’ll work on portion size and not going apeshit with my eating. It’s a test.

I guess with all of those hiccups and social events this week isn’t going to be as great results for me on the scales, but I’ll keep at it. I think I might even do the ‘jump start’ option with the 16:8 days again next week, if it’s helping me achieve what I want to achieve (which it seems to be).

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