LnE Day 5

Day 5 of LnE, and going well. The mental battle over “that meal is too small for me” is still there, as evidenced by how I’m feeling about my lunch today, but it’s teaching me a lot of lessons.

Because I’m doing the ‘Jump Start’ plan, I have two days in each week where I don’t have breakfast or morning tea. It’s effectively a 16:8 fast setup – eat within an eight hour time frame each day, then fast for the rest.

Over the weekend I gave my two first fasting days a shot. I’d only intended to do one over the weekend, but it worked well, so I decided to do Sunday as well. Surprisingly I did quite easily – with the aid of long black coffees with a small slash of milk, and with soda water, I was actually fine. On Saturday morning I also had a PT session, but considering I never eat before that anyway, it wasn’t a big change for me. All it meant that instead of getting home and eating a snack at about 10:30, I held off, had another coffee, and waited to eat lunch until about midday.

From my rough calculations, omitting breakfast and morning tea meant that in addition to the fasting periods, I had about 1000 calories each of those days. Surprisingly not that bad in terms of hunger – more an adjustment of mental space than anything else.

I’m actually finding that I’m not getting through everything I’m being given. I’m saving the ‘morning tea’ piece of fruit each day to have with/after dinner in case I’m still hungry then, but really not needing it at all. I’ve also spread out how I’m eating breakfast on most of the days, which eliminates the need for that morning tea. Most of the breakfasts are eggs and something else on toast, or cereal and then toast. I’m not a big breakfast eater first thing in the morning, never have been, so I’ve got myself into the terrible habit of having coffee at home, dropping my toddler at daycare, and then buying food from a servo or drive through on my way to work. It’s never good food, either.

So with these LnE breakfasts I’m eating the cereal at home, then the toast once I get to work. Or on the hot breakfast mornings, I’m eating the eggs and extras at home, then the toast at work. For example, this morning’s breakfast was one egg, tomato, cheese and avocado on toast. I cooked up the egg as a thin omelette, spread the avocado over it and topped it with chopped tomato. I ate that at home, and then when I got to work I had the two pieces of toast with cheese. It worked really well – I had enough food to kick off my day and get me through to work, and then I could eat the toast when I was actually hungry. My only issue was that I WAY over-seasoned the tomato. I’m pretty sure the avocado was pre-seasoned (it came in a tub :S)

And now its 1 pm, and although I’m normally starving by 12:30, I’m still at my desk and not particularly hungry. So that’s good I guess! I’ll just eat lunch when I’m hungry, and go from there.

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