Lite n Easy day 1

Well, my Lite n Easy order has arrived, and I’ve started. Here’s some initial thoughts I had while I was opening the box and unpacking it:

  • Wow, that’s a lot of food
  • Wow, that’s a lot of packaging
  • Shit, those portion sizes are tiny. I’m going to be starving, this isn’t going to work
  • Wow, there’s so many snacks. I don’t even know if I’ll eat them all
  • Wooooaaaah so much of this needs to go in the freezer. Quick, empty the freezer!
  • I’m going to need to find extra time in my morning to cook and eat breakfast at home
  • Wow this is a lot of food
  • These portion sizes are tiny. I’m going to be so hungry. No wait, the snacks….
  • This is confusing. How do I know what I’m eating each meal?! How do I figure out which food to take to work?!

So there you go. Many conflicting, confusing thoughts as I unboxed the box.

Breakfast this morning was a two egg omelette with some roast veggies and cheese, and a piece of toast. There were very, very minimal veggies, but actually when I cooked it out they were a good amount. There was also very, very little cheese – but when I ate it, the flavour actually balanced well. Which probably goes to illustrate exactly why I’m needing a weight loss intervention like Lite n Easy – I eat too much cheese, and too much butter, and too much cream… on everything. It’s definitely a hangover from my LCHF/keto days, when it was perfectly ok to eat the delicious fatty food, but now that there are carbs in my life again it is decidedly not ok.

For the rest of today I’ve got grapes (morning tea which is probably going to end up being arvo tea), some kind of pork and slaw deal for lunch, a fruit cup, and corn chips and salsa. I do have a dinner there, but we’re out at my families tonight for a weekly meal. I knew going into this that Thursday nights wouldn’t work for the LnE meals, but that’s ok – we eat healthily there, and I’ll just watch my portion size. And say no to the wine.

Wish me luck.

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