I ordered Lite n Easy

So that happened. I ordered Lite n Easy.

I feel guilty, and I feel stupid, because I enjoy cooking. I know how to meal plan, I know how to meal prep. I shouldn’t need to buy pre-prepared meals that are over-priced and under-seasoned. But I do need them, it turns out.

My self control is limited. Very limited. My inner monologue argues with itself, so half of my says No to the chocolate while the other half yells YES!!!! My thinking is that by getting every single gram of food that I can consume in a day sent to me in a neat little plastic-wrapped bundle, it’s easy to say ‘no, that didn’t come in the Lite n Easy box, you can’t eat it’. That’s the theory, anyway.

So I’ve gone with LnE’s ‘Jump Start’ pack, which effectively means I’ll do 5:2 for two weeks, then switch back to their normal plan. I guess if I like the 5:2 I’ll stick with it. On the fasting days you don’t get sent breakfast or morning tea, but get lunch, arvo tea and dinner.

So look, that’s that. My first order will arrive next Wednesday (because I accidentally ordered two Hello Fresh boxes this week, so we have a LOT of food in the house and it was irresponsible to bring more in). So what I should be doing is making small, healthy changes to my diet in the mean time. Ha. Not happening. Well not yet, at least. I’ll try.

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