I’m back

It’s January 1, and yes that’s no reason to get started, but it’s what I’m doing. Let’s face it – any day is a good day to start.

It’s been two years since I had my daughter, and not only did I never lose the baby weight, I gained an enormous amount. Postpartum depression and the medication that goes with that certainly don’t help, and in fact are probably a contributing factor in it all, but my lifestyle is terrible. I’ve dug myself into a hole that is incredibly hard to see a way out of.

I had huge success with LCHF before I got pregnant – I lost 13 kg. Then the first trimester kicked in and wheat was the only thing that was stopping the morning sickness, so I ate cheese and bacon rolls every morning, followed by egg and bacon mcmuffins in the second trimester. In the third I was diagnosed with fasting bloods-related gestational diabetes (so not related to diet), I switched to LCHF and completely controlled by blood sugars that way, and I stopped gaining weight for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Anyway, here I am two years on, 20kg+ heavier than I was when I got pregnant, and feeling like crap. I decided to come back to this blog while I was sitting on a park bench watching my partner run around a playground with the toddler, and I had absolutely no energy or physical motivation to join them. My knees hurt, I’m getting sick more often (thanks daycare bugs), I’m bloated, my mental health isn’t great, I’ve gone up several clothes sizes, my gut is getting bigger and is full of visceral fat. The hole I’m in is getting bigger, and even harder to get out of, and so I guess that’s the motivation. Get out of the hole before the hole gets so big that I’m stuck forever. Not that I know a way out right now.

I’ve tried LCHF since my daughter was born – for about a month – with no success. The previous time I ate that way a month would have seen me dropping the kgs quickly, but this time, nothing. So even though it’s the only direction to go, to cut the carbs, I’m hesitant. It’s a lot of effort for maybe no results. Do I start with an egg fast? What if that does nothing? How do I cook for/eat with the rest of the house if I’m just eating eggs? How long can I actually keep that up for? Lots of questions. No answers. But I’m figuring I’ll write bits and pieces down here and see where I land anyway.

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