When food FOMO chokes you

So last week I choked on a piece of pie. Not ‘I got a little bit in my windpipe because it was crumbly’ kind of choked – ‘a doctor had to come over to my table while I vomited in a bowl’ kind of choked.

I was out for dinner with my family. It was a really nice restaurant – in the ‘burbs, but expensive enough to call it a ‘special occasion’ restaurant. We’d had a nice meal, and despite many voices saying “oh no, I don’t need dessert” we’d ordered a couple to share. I can’t say I was sad about it – I’d got food FOMO, seen an opportunity to justify eating dessert (“it’s a birthday! Someone else is paying!”), and I got my way. We ordered creme brulee and pie.

Sharing desserts is bad for me. I get really Food FOMO-y, I eat too fast, I don’t enjoy what I’m eating, I just shovel it in. Finish this mouthful at any cost so you can shovel in the next.

So was eating pie (and to be honest it wasn’t even good pie). I took a spoonful of pie crust, and just kind of… inhaled, I guess. I don’t know if I went to speak, or just went to eat the mouthful quickly, but either way I felt the food hit that point of no return at the back of my throat. There’s that moment where you feel the food moving backwards, but you know you can’t bring it forward in your mouth to chew it- it’s going down. Whole.

Long story short although the food was stuck, I could still breathe. It was scary, it was painful (I bruised my throat to the point that I couldn’t eat solid food for the next 24 hours), but mostly it was embarrassing. Embarrassing that it happened in a restaurant, embarrassing that is happened in front of my family, embarrassing that a doctor noticed and came over to help. But mostly, it was embarrassing because it only happened because I was trying to shove food in my mouth so I wouldn’t miss out. Food that was full of processed carbs and sugar, that I didn’t need, that wasn’t even that good anyway.

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