I’m taking the stairs


There was an ad on tv years ago, I think it was for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or something like that, that showed a woman carrying bags of groceries arriving at the bottom of a set of stairs and an escalator. In the ad she looks up the escalator, bags in hand, then sighs with a smile on her face and starts to walk (trudge?) up the stairs. All of that takes place to the soundtrack of some kind of upbeat happy music (I want to say maybe it was Heather Small’s Proud).

I have no real idea what the product was that the ad was selling, so I guess it failed in that respect, but the idea of choosing the stairs over the escalator has stuck with me ever since. Don’t you hate it when advertising works?!

I work on the 9th floor of a 16 story building. I’ve spent a bit of time in the stairwell in the last year- my exercise group at work used to train in there until we got kicked out, and while I was prepping for the Eureka Climb in November I made my way up and down the whole building over and over as means of training. The whole building’s subject to a fair amount of security, meaning it’s not really possible to enter the stairwell at the very bottom and make your way up, but if you enter further up you’ve got free reign to head up and down.

The point of the story is, I’m going to start trying to avoid the lifts as much as possible and make my way up (and down) by stairs whenever I can. The limiting factor is, of course, that I can’t be arriving at meetings completely red and puffed out- but that’s easy to work around. The easiest way to get more stair walking into my day is to get out of the lift at level 6 and make my way up at the start of the day and after lunch, but 3 floors a few times a day isn’t much.

Still, it’s a bit more movement in my day and it’s a few more steps on my fitbit (which tend to be woefully low on work days), and I guess it will be interesting to see if such a small change can make a difference at all.

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