Am I a nutritional evangelist?

First up, a bit of a progress report. It’s the start of my fourth week on the challenge, and I’ve survived my third weekend. I’ll be weighing myself tonight, but I do know that I’m very close to hitting the 4 kilo mark. I’m really happy with losing nearly 4 kilos in 3 weeks, and if I can keep this up I’m going to be very very happy with myself come the end of the challenge. But I’ll talk about on that tomorrow post-weigh in.

This weekend I went to a Wellness Summit. It was interesting…. in that for at least half the weekend, it wasn’t very interesting. The health industry is just so great at preying on those who desperately want and need to make a change, and are willing to pay for it. Having said that, the other half of the weekend was actually quite good. I saw a few fantastic speakers who said things that really did resonate with me, and despite my initial disappointment at the quality of the summit I walked away feeling motivated and re-inspired. I went to a one-day seminar earlier this year with a fantastic speaker (I’ll tell you about it some time), and as J said to me- that seminar was a real ‘awakening’, and this weekend was a reminder of it all.

Anyway, I just want to write about one particular thing from the summit today, although I’m sure I’ll mention more in coming weeks. One of the speakers came on stage and said something very simple regarding nutrition and eating:

“Don’t become an evangelist. When it comes to nutrition, no-one likes an evangelist”

You know what?! It’s so true!! The more I learn about this stuff the more excited and passionate I get and the more I want to apply it to my life. And the more I want to apply it, the more I want to share the knowledge with family and friends. I know that some of them would benefit in huge ways from hearing some of this stuff- but it’s not my place to tell them. I need to be so careful- whenever I learn new things that I find exciting or interesting, I want to share them with everyone. As I’ve discovered how eating in a certain way effects my body, I want to share that. Especially with those who I know are capable of change but, for whatever reason, keep providing themselves with excuses not to. In many cases they are excuses why they shouldn’t learn, rather than why they shouldn’t act– I think these people know deep down that once they start to learn they’re going to find all of the reasons that they should, perhaps even must, act. And then they’ll be left with no choice.

I am in danger of becoming an evangelist when it comes to eating and exercise. I need to constantly remind myself not to sprout off the cause of my weightloss. I need to make sure I don’t tell my friends what a ‘healthy alternative’ might be to whatever it is they’re eating. I need to remember that, as I was told yesterday, the best way to promote what I believe in is to show them the results. Shut up, do my exercise, eat my food, and at the end of it they’ll see what it’s done. They’ll see the weightloss. They’ll see that I haven’t had to compromise (too much) when I’m out to eat with them. They’ll see that I’m taking less and less sick days.

In the mean time, it’s hard to do all of this inconspicuously. Not only in terms of not becoming an ‘evangelist’, but also in terms of having my everyday food choices questioned by those that I’m with. Turning down icecream with my dessert (which I’ve deemed ok to eat) gets me funny looks. Ordering an (actually quite delicious) salad has others questioning their burgers. Not putting any chips on my plate from the communal bowl has others thinking that I’m judging them- which I’m really not. If they could hear what’s going on in my head as a pass on the chips, they’d know that I’m in no position to judge. The voice is screaming at me “EAT THE DAMN CHIPS!!!! JUST ONE! OR TWO!!! THAT’S ALL… JUST EAT THE CHIPS!!!”.

But, as yet, I haven’t eaten the chips- and I don’t intend to. And every time I turn down the chips I’m a step closer to showing why I’m doing what I’m doing, rather than just telling them.

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